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WWE RAW last week saw Brock Lesnar gloat about his triumph over Triple H at Summerslam and the complete 'heel' turn of WWE Champion CM Punk with his attack on the beloved Jerry "the King" Lawler. These actions of course play into tonight's three-hour broadcast on USA Network.


The Game will speak on his future which seemed to be leading to retirement at the end of Summerslam, as he walked out of the ring after having his arm re-injured in a humbling submission lost to Brock Lesnar. Last week Lesnar and his associate Paul Heyman mocked Triple H as a man who failed his family, his company, and the WWE fans in his loss to Lesnar. Triple H did not go down easily to Lesnar's previous attacks which included breaking the former WWE Champion's arm. Look for Triple H to allude to a future match with Lesnar at a Pay Per View event later this year.


The hero vs. villain status of WWE Champion CM Punk has been in quesiton since RAW 1000 when he attacked the Rock. Punk always proud, denied he was wearing a "black hat" and that he was just tired of being disrespected when he believes he's the "best in the world". After outsmarting John Cena at Summerslam to win a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship, Punk demanded last week on RAW that Cena proclaim that he is "the best in the world" so he could have another match for the title. Cena's star has continued to outshine Punk's even with his current 9-month long championship, so it gave the show-closing segment real intensity. When Punk did get his demanded 'respect' from Cena, he got Lawler into the ring from his ringside commentary position and forced the WWE Hall of Famer for saying that Punk had "turned his back on the fans". Punk ended the night by leveling the King with a kick to the back of the head. The turn is complete, and Punk is now the number 1 villain in the WWE.

Now it seems inevitable that Punk will once again face Cena for the WWE Championship at this month's Night of Champions PPV event. How the match will come together is to be seen and will involve the new demented authority figure, AJ Lee whose the new RAW General Manager.


Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho stole the show last week on RAW with the match of the night which saw the Show Off put his Money in the Bank briefcase on the line against Jericho's WWE contract. The match which followed their fantastic bout from the night before at Summerslam, was fantastic and showed the stand-out talent of both men. Ziggler caught Jericho after a missed Codebreaker with his Zig Zag slam for the win, solidifying his status as one of the most powerful stars in the WWE. Ziggler has the MITB which he can cash in on the World Heavyweight Champion at any time, could tonight be the night? Let's find out.

This Examiner sees Ziggler holding the briefcase for a long period of time. Ziggler with his annoying associate Vickie Guerrero will continue to tease the cash-in, only to hold off for the 'perfect opportunity'. It will be interesting to see if Ziggler has to defend his MITB again in a match like a title he can lose.


Daniel Bryan is still being tormented by his former flame and the current RAW GM AJ. This week the former World Champion will have to endure 'anger management' classes after his blowup last week on RAW. Bryan has been trying to claw out from the challenges put in his path, caving into the "YES!" chants of fans by screaming "NO!" in their faces at ringside. Yet the man from Aberdeen,Washington has more hurdles to jump first.

Also on RAW

Look for WWE Tag Team Champs Kofi Kingston and R-Truth to move on in their fued with the Prime Time Players. WWE keeping the tag teams around is great platform for middle card talent.

WWE Diva Champion Layla will have to face his friend Kaitlyn for the ladie's title but will the match be any good? That's the bigger question after last week'S Divas Battle Royal which was filled with lackluster action.

The new United States Champion Antonio Cesaro could make his way over to RAW to gloat about his new triumph over the loveable Santino Marella at Summerslam. Cesaro is speculated to turn the title into the 'European Championship', playing into his very 'European' character.

http://www.examiner.com/article/wwe-raw ... r-and-more

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